Niederfrequenztrocknung LFH

Moisture is speeding up the degradation process of the cellulose insulation material. That is why transformers are dried to a very low level during production. During the operation time humidity levels will increase again. Moisture will enter on different paths into the transformer (breathing, oil leakages, repairs..) But also inside the transformer moisture is produced as a by product of paper degradation.

With our mobile LFH plant ( low frequency drying) do we have the perfect tool to dry even the largest power transformers on site. Applying the heat in the "heart" of the transformer makes this principle the most efficient for drying on site. No other tecnique is applied as easy an no other will give as good results as the LFH technique. Besides the unique plant offer we the worlds most experianced LFH engineer: Paul Koestinger. He is a drying expert with a world wide reputation and experiance. Profit from our 20 years experiance in that field.  

Onsite drying with the LFH method
Detailed description of the LFH principle
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