oil reclamation with Fullers earth

Insulation oil is degrading under the inflance of heat, oxygen and copper. Degradation signs are a dark colour, high acid content and a low interfensial tension. At the end sludge is formed. The aeging products speed up the aeging of the insulation paper. Thus reducing the lifetime of the transformer.  

The degradation of the oil is reversibel with a reclamation with Fullers earth. This material has a huge surface (approx. 300 m2/g) and can remove all aeging products from the insulation oil. After the treatment the oil is conform to criterias for new oil. Our plant is installed in a trailer so we can reach your transformer in a simple way.  

why no oil change?

A considerable part of the old oil and the degradation products stay in the insulation paper during an oil change. These products will blend into the new oil and will lead to a very fast degradation of the newly filled oil again.

During an oil reclamation the total oil volume will be treated up to 10 times with the Fullers earth. That allows to wash out the residual oil and the degradatio products from the insulation material. This is leading to a much better long term result. The measuring results demonstrate that we are right !


Insulation oil reclamation with Fullers earth
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